Graber, a Brand of Springs Window Fashions

Springs Window Fashions has a long, successful history of manufacturing innovative blinds, shades and drapery hardware under the brand names Graber®, Bali® and Nanik®. Graber is an industry leader in designer-quality window treatments.

The Best Experience Philosophy

Graber, a brand of Springs Window Fashions, the Best Experience Company, is committed to a philosophy of delivering quality products, world-class customer service and tools to help you find window coverings right for you.

Green by Nature

The essence of Springs Window Fashions and the Graber brand is to create the Best Experience for our customers. As a part of our Best Experience commitment, we pledge our people, processes and products to a Green by Nature philosophy. We seek to protect and improve the environment in everything we do, and we pass the benefits on to our customers through energy-efficient, environmentally responsible and healthy-home window treatments.


Springs Window Fashions has sales, marketing and manufacturing expertise at facilities located in:

  • Middleton, WI (Corporate Headquarters)
  • Montgomery, PA (Customer Service)
  • Williamsport, PA (Customer Service)
  • Groveport, OH (Distribution Center)
  • Reno, NV (Distribution Center)
  • Grayling, MI (Manufacturing)
  • Reynosa, Mexico (Manufacturing)
  • Tijuana, Mexico (Manufacturing)
  • Victoria, Mexico (Manufacturing)

A Leader in the Window Treatment Industry Since 1939

For over 70 years, Graber and Springs Window Fashions have been providing beautiful, custom-made window coverings to help unlock your inner designer and bring style and sophistication to your home. But like most good things, Springs Window Fashions started small, with a good idea and hard work.

The Springs Window Fashions success story began in John N. Graber's Wisconsin home in 1939. According to his daughter Marie, the Venetian blinds he had installed did not look right. They needed to create a balanced effect between many windows, but Graber did not want to move the bracket that held the drapery panels and put more holes in his wall. Instead, Graber invented the "Badger Crane*" — a handcrafted, metal drapery crane which would hold the drapery side panels as they hung over the Venetian blinds. Before long, Graber booked orders for his Badger Crane with department stores all over the Midwest, and Badger Crane Drapery Hardware went into full-scale production.

Eventually, John Graber's company expanded to become Springs Window Fashions, maker of Graber-brand custom window treatments. Yet despite all the changes over 70 years, John Graber's spirit of innovation has never faded. Springs Window Fashions' "Best Experience" philosophy is a commitment to quality window coverings, the very best customer service and no-hassle warranties to give every customer peace of mind. We've also developed "Green by Nature™" business practices that include high-recycling manufacturing facilities, environmentally friendly material harvesting, energy-efficient window treatments and healthy-home window treatments that are tested for low volatile organic compound emission.

Whatever your practical and decorative needs, you can count on Graber window coverings from Springs Window Fashions — the Best Experience Company — and our decades in the industry to make finding a window covering solution easy.

*Badger Crane no longer available.