Roller Shades and Solar Shades

Practical design, superior style

Roller Shades and solar shades offer an attractive mix of jacquards, stripes, and woven textures with simple and dependable shade operation. Solar shades are ideal for maintaining a view to the outside while minimizing glare on TVs and computers. Roller shades offer a variety of light-control options.

LightWeaves<sup>®</sup> Roller Shades

LightWeaves® Roller Shades

Available in a wide selection of beautiful jacquards and woven textures to match any decorating style.
LightWeaves<sup>®</sup> Solar Shades

LightWeaves® Solar Shades

Stylish way to maintain your view to the outside, fight glare on TV screens and computer monitors, and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.
LightWeaves<sup>®</sup> Dual Shades

LightWeaves® Dual Shades

Dual Shades combine two independently operable solar and/or roller shades for versatile light control and privacy with twice the style.